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Supporting Colombian coffee growers through sustainable production

JUAN VALDEZ, the world-renowned Colombian coffee brand, has been committed to sustainability and fair trade since its inception. As a democratic non-profit organization, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, which represents the interests of Colombia’s coffee-growing families, JUAN VALDEZ has made significant efforts to support coffee growers and promote environmentally friendly practices.

One of the key initiatives that JUAN VALDEZ has taken to support Colombian coffee growers is the creation of the Procafecol S.A. company in 2002. This company was established to generate value-added businesses for coffee growers and the JUAN VALDEZ brand through four business lines: specialty stores, supermarkets, institutional channels, and e-commerce. By creating these business lines, JUAN VALDEZ has helped to promote Colombian coffee worldwide, while ensuring that growers receive fair prices for their crops.

Moreover, JUAN VALDEZ has implemented various programs and certifications to promote sustainable coffee production. For example, the brand has created the “Juan Valdez Origin” program, which guarantees the origin, traceability, and quality of the coffee. This program ensures that the coffee is produced sustainably, without causing harm to the environment, and that growers receive fair compensation for their efforts.

In addition to the “Juan Valdez Origin” program, JUAN VALDEZ has also implemented the Rainforest Alliance certification, which is granted to coffee producers who meet rigorous sustainability standards. This certification ensures that coffee production is carried out in a manner that promotes biodiversity, conserves natural resources, and improves the livelihoods of growers and their communities.

Furthermore, JUAN VALDEZ has established the “Colombia Siembra” program, which aims to plant 7.5 million coffee trees in Colombia by 2022. This program is part of the brand’s commitment to promoting sustainable coffee production and supporting coffee growers.

JUAN VALDEZ is also committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices. For example, the brand has implemented a program to reduce its carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and promoting energy efficiency. Additionally, JUAN VALDEZ has developed a “Green Cup” program, which encourages customers to use reusable cups and reduces the use of disposable cups.

In conclusion, JUAN VALDEZ is a brand that is committed to sustainability and fair trade. By supporting Colombian coffee growers and promoting environmentally friendly practices, the brand has become a global leader in the coffee industry. Through its various programs and certifications, JUAN VALDEZ has ensured that coffee production is carried out sustainably, while ensuring that growers receive fair compensation for their efforts. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade is a testament to its philosophy of creating value for Colombian coffee growers while captivating the world with Premium Colombian coffee.