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The Brand

The Brand

our story

Unleashing the Essence of Colombian Coffee: A Journey Fueled by Dedication

At Juan Valdez, our story is a tapestry of passion and unwavering dedication. From the moment we embarked on our mission to showcase the exceptional quality and flavours of Colombian coffee, we have immersed ourselves in every detail, ensuring that each sip takes you on a remarkable journey of discovery.

With sustainable farming practices and unique brewing methods, we carefully craft every cup, delivering an extraordinary coffee experience that sparks your senses and warms your spirit. Join us in this captivating tale of flavour and aroma as we invite you to experience the essence of Colombian coffee like never before.


Celebrating Colombian Coffee Heritage: Unveiling the Inspiring Journey of Juan Valdez.

Discover the captivating world of Juan Valdez, where the rich heritage of Colombian coffee comes to life. Since 1959, we have embraced the dedication and passion of our coffee growers, embodying the time-honoured tradition and exceptional quality of Colombian coffee.

As a global brand committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, we take pride in sharing our values with the world. With every sip, our premium coffee transports you to the breathtaking landscapes of Colombia, where every bean is lovingly nurtured. Join us on this extraordinary journey and savour the authentic flavours of Colombian coffee. Welcome to Juan Valdez, where the tale of remarkable coffee unfolds. Let your senses awaken and be part of our remarkable story.

Our Vision

To be the largest buyer of premium Colombian coffee and one of the three most relevant brands in coffee consumption among the ten main coffee consuming countries in the world.

At Juan Valdez, we redefine coffee excellence with relentless dedication. From selecting the finest beans to precise roasting, we strive for an unparalleled coffee experience.

Beyond exceptional coffee, we champion sustainability, support communities, and embrace innovation. Join us on this mission to celebrate the artistry and passion of Juan Valdez.

Discover the extraordinary world of Juan Valdez, where excellence knows no bounds.

Our Mission

To captivate the world with premium Colombian coffees, highlighting the work of Colombian coffee growers.

At Juan Valdez, we’re passionate about showcasing Colombian coffee growers’ exceptional work and captivating the world with our premium coffees. As coffee artisans, we blend tradition, expertise, and innovation for unforgettable experiences.

Step into our world, where flavors dance on your palate, rooted in Colombian coffee heritage. Let us awaken your senses and create lasting memories with every sip. Join us in celebrating Colombian coffee excellence and the dedication of our growers. Experience the magic of Juan Valdez and elevate the art of coffee together.

Our Values

Our Heritage Embraces Colombianness, Upholds Integrity, Inspires Service, and Embraces Diversity. Indulge in the essence of Colombian heritage at Juan Valdez, where our journey is guided by core values:

Colombianness Immerse yourself in vibrant flavours and authentic experiences that capture the spirit of Colombia.

Integrity Trust in transparent, ethical practices as we uphold the highest standards for our coffee-growing communities.

Service Create meaningful connections and unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impact.

Diversity Embrace inclusivity, valuing and respecting each individual’s unique characteristics and perspectives. At Juan Valdez, we celebrate the strength and richness that diversity brings to our community.


Uncompromising Excellence: Our Promise to Deliver Quality, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction.

At Juan Valdez, we are on a relentless pursuit of coffee perfection, crafting each cup with utmost care and precision. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, from the selection of the finest beans to the artful brewing process that brings out the flavours in all their glory.

We believe in sustainability as a core principle, working closely with our growers to ensure environmentally friendly practices and fair treatment of workers. Through these efforts, we create a sustainable supply chain that supports both the coffee and the communities it comes from.

But our mission goes beyond exceptional coffee. We strive to create moments of delight and connection for our customers. Every interaction, from the first sip to the last, is infused with our dedication to customer satisfaction, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond the flavour of the coffee itself.

Everything we do is driven by devotion, dedication, and authenticity


The National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) is established to organize the growers of the country and promote Colombian Coffee around the world.

1959 – 2000

The Juan Valdez character is born to serve as an ambassador and the Federation continues its mission to position Colombian coffee as a specialty and unique denomination of origin.


On December 14, 2002, the first Juan Valdez Café store opened its doors at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, achieving the realization of the dream of making the work of the coffee growers and the quality of Colombian coffee even more visible.


We began our international expansion with the inauguration of the first Juan Valdez store in Washington D.C., USA.


We continued our worldwide expansion with the export of packaged coffee to Europe and Asia in alliance with LAN Airlines and Marriott Hotels, and we opened stores in Chile and Ecuador.


We reached 147 Juan Valdez stores and achieved an international presence in more than 2,340 supermarkets with our packaged coffee.


Through a differentiated value proposal, the brand ratified its commitment with the international expansion, through its franchise and distribution business models. By this year, the brand was already present in countries like USA, Mexico, Spain, Malaysia, Germany, among others.


We made changes in the organizational structure and revamped our brand image, taking into account new competitors in the market, without losing sight of our initial purpose with Colombian coffee growers and Colombian Premium coffee.


Juan Valdez reached the milestone of more than 500 active stores and presence in 39 markets abroad. Additionally, Juan Valdez opened its first stores in key countries like Türkiye and Qatar with ambitious business plans for the following 10 years.


Juan Valdez opens its 200th international store with a Flagship in Madrid, Spain on the iconic Torre Caleido.