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Who We Are

Who We Are

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Who We Are

Welcome to Juan Valdez, where we epitomise the essence of Colombian coffee. With a rich history dating back to 1927, the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) was established as a non-profit organisation representing Colombian coffee growers. The FNC’s primary role is to promote the interests of coffee growers, ensure the industry’s sustainability, and support the social and economic well-being of coffee-growing communities.

Drawing upon our almost century-long experience, Juan Valdez takes pride in preserving the traditions and values of Colombian coffee. We begin our journey amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colombia, where our expert coffee growers meticulously nurture and handpick the finest beans. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we embrace time-honoured techniques that ensure each coffee bean is carefully selected, reflecting our dedication to natural superiority.

Our dedication extends beyond exceptional taste. We are passionate about championing sustainability and social responsibility, working hand in hand with our farming communities to empower them with fair practices and create a positive impact on their livelihoods.

In 2002, the Juan Valdez brand was entrusted by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, representing 540,000 coffee-growing families, with a mission to generate value for Colombian coffee growers. Today, our brand proudly extends its reach to coffee shops and retail stores worldwide, inviting you to experience the unique flavours and aromas of Colombian coffee. With every cup, you support the principles of social, economic, and environmental responsibility, ensuring fair treatment for workers and responsible management of natural resources.

At Juan Valdez, we embody the quality, values, and traditions of Colombian coffee. Join us on this remarkable journey as we celebrate the richness of our heritage, one cup at a time. Together, let’s savour the essence of Colombian coffee and make a tangible difference in the lives of our coffee-growing communities.

What We Do

Experience the essence of Colombian coffee with Juan Valdez. From selecting the finest beans to crafting a symphony of flavours, we’re dedicated to authentic moments.

We promote Colombian coffee and support growers through our shops, retail products, HORECA alliances, and more, generating value for them.

Step into our inviting shops, where passion, artistry, and heritage await. Each cup celebrates life’s pleasures, creating cherished memories.

Delight in Colombian coffee’s rich flavours, warm hospitality, and community support. Join us for an extraordinary experience.

What We Stand For

Juan Valdez’ commitment to crafting exceptional coffee is the driving force behind everything we do. With meticulous attention to detail, we curate the finest beans and adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring a coffee experience that surpasses expectations. Deep within the Colombian landscapes, we nurture strong relationships with coffee growers, fostering sustainability and fostering a sense of community.

We actively support education, entrepreneurship, and environmental initiatives, empowering the regions we serve. Experience the artistry of Juan Valdez, where every cup tells a story of passion and expertise. Join us on a journey that celebrates both the excellence of our coffee and the vibrant communities that make it possible. Together, let’s savour the moments that unite us in the pursuit of extraordinary coffee.

What Makes us Different

Embracing Colombian Heritage: The Magic of Juan Valdez

Welcome to Juan Valdez, where the captivating heritage of Colombian coffee comes alive. We carefully select each bean, honoring the expertise and passion of our dedicated growers. Our skilled roasters create flavors that delight your senses, inviting you to savor the moment.

Beyond coffee, we embrace sustainability and community support, nurturing a brighter future. Choose Juan Valdez for pure coffee enjoyment, embracing our hospitable spirit.

Join us on an extraordinary journey of aromas, flavors, and stories, celebrating our heritage and savoring the extraordinary pleasures that await.

Brand Certificates

Verifies that farms or handling facilities comply with the organic regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and allows producers to sell, label and represent their products as organic.

Accreditation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for our Juan Valdez Organic coffee in Colombia.

EU BIO-141
Accreditation for our Juan Valdez Organic coffee following European Union standards.

Promotes collective action for people and nature. It amplifies and reinforces the beneficial impacts of responsible choices, from farms and forests all the way to the supermarket check-out.

Verifies that the ingredients, production process including all machinery, and/or food-service process complies with the standards of the benchmark of religious Jewish law.

Applies to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, and attests that a product is manufactured in full compliance with the precepts of the Islamic Law, that it does not include any Haram (forbidden) components.